Faith-Based and Church Grants

Do you need help with Christian grants, church grants or faith based grants to expand your church or to start new outreach ministries? Church grants or government faith based grants can provide the funding needed to develop new community programs, fund a family life center or even expand your church. Our company is experienced in identifying the right funders and what they are looking for in a church grant proposal.

It’s important to understand that the foundations which fund church grants are few and the competition is very high. Your grant needs to stand out and in most cases, the best strategy is to implement non religious community programs such as our family life center ministries. This helps your church qualify for faith based grants from the government or foundations.

Advanced Global Church Consulting has access to over 40,000 foundations whose only purpose is to provide funding through grants, this includes grants for churches or faith based grants. Over $100 billion in grants is given away each year to charities and churches nationwide. What makes us successful at church grants? First we start with a professional document with all the data required by the foundations such as problem statement, methodology, implementation and budget etc. Next, we do the proper research to give your church grant the best opportunity for funding. The research that we do for your church grant or faith based grant includes, foundation funding priorities, geographic regions, proposal format, funding periods, etc. This again gives your church grant an advantage aligning your Christian grant or faith based grant with the best possible foundation. Additionally we help you with tips on how to approach or build a relationship with the foundations selected. Our data includes key contact personnel, grant application format, foundation requirements, and specific giving priorities. No matter what your program does, we can find faith based grant funding for it; be it Christian grants, grants for church building, outreach grants, community development grants, after school grants, grants for youth programs… Yes, we do them all!

Our most popular church grant writing package includes two comprehensive grant proposals to be used for local and national foundations or sponsors.  Once we find the best sources to provide funding for your church grant proposals, we will customize each grant proposal to the appropriate foundation.  These grant proposals are saved in a CD, we will we will mail them to you for signature and forwarding to the selected grant providing foundations.  You can also make multiple copies and continue to seek additional Christian grants, faith based grant or church grants from alternative funding sources.

We are confident that we have the grant writing & research skills, the lowest pricing, and the best grant writing value proposition in the market. What makes us our grant process successful?

  1. We develop a professional grant proposal,

  2. We research the best foundations that provide funding your type of programs.

  3. We help you with essential resources and provide tips to build a relationship with potential funders.

  4. We review the grant results with you within 4 months and make key recommendations to stay engaged in the process. Last but not least we help you raise the money to pay for the church grant without using your church budget! Click on the links below to learn more about other grant writing benefits that sets our company apart!

Getting a grant can significantly help fund your organizations programs or general expenses. Don’t risk your churches budget by using inexperienced volunteers or companies to write your grant proposal.

Many church leaders have great difficulty in advocating the needs of the church.  From time to time the opportunity will arise when the leadership has to make specific request of the congregation to fulfill a specific ministry of the church; the apostle Paul did it with the early churches in Ephesus and at Corinth.

To learn more about our grant writing services or what set’s our company apart from other leading grant writing companies, please view the links below for more information. Ready to get started? Contact us link to email or call us today at 866-203-2527.


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