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Start a Counseling Center

Counseling can help begin the process of healing in individuals and the community. It helps resolve the problems of today and the future! Here are some tips about how to start your own counseling center:

1. Choose your focus

What type of counseling do you plan to offer? Crisis management, Marriage/Couples Counseling, Career Counseling, Family Counseling, etc. Do some research into your community for ideas. A high divorce or unemployment rate is a good indicator of services needed.

2. Choose your counselors

You will want more than one, preferably one male and one female. Ideally, they should have a formal education in counseling and behavioral therapy. However, anyone with training in listening and problem solving is eligible. Pastors are often well suited for this position as counseling is often part of their seminary work.

3. Choose your location
This depends on what type of counseling you will offer. Group sessions are better suited to an open room with a round table and chairs. Individual sessions can be held in an office with a couch and small desk. Utilize soft paint colors, avoid loud posters on the wall, and make sure there is no viable clock. Eliminate interfering noise such as traffic, conversation, busy hallways, and phones ringing as much as possible. If the location is an office, make sure the patient is not forced to sit directly in front of the counselor. Place the chair or couch to the side, by a window or painting. This will provide something to look at if the patient is too nervous to meet the counselor’s gaze.

4. Know your limits

If you receive a patient who’s case is extremely serious (such as a rape victim), it is probably better to refer them to a certified counselor who is trained to deal with those situations. Always defer to the professionals in cases that involve health risks, such as anorexia, bulimia, or drug addiction.

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