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The church is a sacred ground for faithful followers to gather and practice their adoration and zeal for God. Recognizing this, Advanced Global Church Consulting can furnish your religious organization a noble and respectable platform to locate, learn and share information about God and His teachings. Our services are very affordable, and we will not harass you by presenting a costly quote to your church’s budget.


An effective church website is not only for use by members; it also exists to introduce your congregation to newcomers, providing them with general information as well as an invitation. It’s like a brochure for your congregation. Because a visitor’s first impression can depend on your website, it should explain what makes your church special and why people should attend.

The Good News must be preached everywhere before Jesus will come. It’s in the Bible, Matthew 24:14, TLB. “And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it, and then, finally, the end will come.


1. Increase attendance. If someone is looking for a new church, they’re not going to check the Yellow Pages (do people still use the Yellow Pages?!). They’re going to fire up Google and search online. A lousy site will not get them to your church on Sabbath or Sunday morning. Is that shallow? Yes, but it’s reality.

2. Connect your congregation to church events. Your people need to be informed. A website with a dynamic calendar allows folks to stay up to date with what’s going on.

3. Increase giving. Lots of people pay their bills online these days – why can’t they contribute to your church online too? Online giving through your website will automate the process.

4. Be the least expensive (and most effective) form of advertising you’ll ever spend money on. A 10,000-piece postcard campaign will cost more than $5,000 and has a lifespan of about 30 seconds. Why not spend less than 10% of that on a form of advertising that will always be current?

5. Answer the questions new people won’t think to ask. People have a bunch of questions about your church. They want to know what to wear, what style of music they’ll hear, and what their kids are going to experience. Your website will answer their questions and make their blind-date experience a little less awkward.

Widen your base of believers and celebrate God’s passion in technology’s age. Keep your community close and set up a firm ground for faith. Call Advanced Global Church Consulting at 866-203-2527 FREE.

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