Church Mortgage Burning Services

A church making the final payment on a mortgage can be a joyous time for a congregation. Saying goodbye to mortgage debt calls for a celebration!


For many churches, the monthly mortgage payment is one of their biggest expenses. It takes a lot of generous donations and tenacity to pay off the mortgage for a church building, and since the majority of churches rely solely on tithes and donations from the congregation, a mortgage getting paid off is a big deal. Although some churches choose to quietly pay off their mortgages without much hoopla, other churches decide to recognize the achievement with a special mortgage burning celebration. The formality of the service depends largely on the church, but the end result is always setting the mortgage note on fire while the congregation celebrates the end to mortgage payments.

Whether mortgage burning services are combined with regular services or are held apart, the common theme of these celebrations is that of happiness because the church doesn’t have to worry about mortgage payments anymore. While some places of worship have church mortgage burning services which are informal and fun, other churches hold ceremonies which rival regular worship services.


Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind before getting the merriment under way:

  • Check with the lender before considering the loan paid in full so that you can be certain that the debt is paid in full. Simply sending the final check does not necessarily guarantee that the mortgage is paid off. Finding out that the church still owes some money on the mortgage, even if it is only a couple of dollars, can make the mortgage burning much less significant.
  • Don’t burn the original documents pertaining to the mortgage. Instead, burn copies as a symbolic gesture. Always keep the original mortgage documents locked away securely as long as the church owns the property.
  • No matter how excited everyone is about burning the mortgage, always keep safety in mind. It would be a shame to burn down the entire church because you were so jubilant in your celebration that the flames engulfed the whole structure.

The End to Mortgage Payments

Paying off a mortgage is certainly a reason to celebrate, especially if the mortgage is paid off earlier than it was originally amortized for. Churches that rely heavily upon extra donations from members in order to pay off their mortgage early can celebrate not only having the mortgage being paid off, but also the fact that the members in the church care enough to give.

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