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A church functions well if proper administration has been followed. Having a good administration is essential as it get others to work together. It requires ardent faith in God, integrity, timing, administrative skills and resourcefulness. With the knowledge that the core of a church administration is on its people, managing services will be not be through manipulating techniques and paperwork. It is not just in taxes and non-profit operations, but the totality of your service as well.

To have an effective church administration is often partnered to getting the bulk of its members, where seeing the same vision, grasping that vision, communicating using the vision and imparting the vision to others become possible. There is so much more to faith to lead people. Administrators have to be organized, decisive, problem solvers, decision makers, resourceful, innovative, peace makers and compassionate to be considered a responsive and efficient ruler of the church. Because more than anything else, you need to acknowledge the right skills in creating a budget, setting an accountable reimbursement policy, and other essential internal controls as such as below to bring forth your church’s ideal functions.

What sets our Church Administration services apart from others:

  • Tax Exempt Status
    If your church or organization is qualified for a tax exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3), then your organization is exempt from paying income taxes and is also suitable to receive tax-deductible contributions.
  • Church Budget
    For non-profit organizations, budgeting is an essential and crucial action plan to carry all of your church’s financial needs. A church has several budget categories such as income funds, personnel funds, administration funds, property and equipment funds, outreach funds, direct ministry funds, church expansion expenses and debts. Church budgeting can present itself as a challenge to the ministry, but with few budgeting tips, your church may start to reap the benefits from having an effective allocation of your church’s funds.
  • Internal Controls
    Internal control is yet another crucial system to the ministry. It imposes itself as a sensitive issue to church and organization that heavily relies on volunteers. Most church volunteers and staff members are usually honest people who disregard controlling or placing the organization’s assets in theft or loss. Safeguarding internal controls is congruent to protecting your organization’s interest and its members from further false accusations.
  • Church Audits
    Having a proper church audit is necessary to maintain balance in your organizational funds and sustaining the integrity of your budget plans. It offers authenticity of having a good stewardship used in handling and accounting your funds and assets.
  • Excessive Benefits and Private Inurement
    Not only could this devastate your pastor, but your church as well. Tax exempt organizations may not “inure” to the benefit of any shareholders and private individuals. In simple words, no one has the right to personally benefit economically from a tax exempt organization. In the same manner, an insider does not have the right to receive economically through the use of funds or assets within an organization.
  • Church Embezzlement
    In a world where money is stringed to personal satisfaction, church embezzlement continues to aggravate ministries and organizations as well. Fraud within the church is never an exemption to the fantasy of having lots of personal monetary figures. With the rise of church embezzlement, the importance of having a good and protected internal control has become stricter.
  • Staff Gifts
    It is nice to give your staffs some gifts on the occurrence of any special occasion and holiday. But not all gifts could be freely given without some tax consequences. You should know and be familiar with some facts regarding tax consequences before you give your staff a check or lavish meal.
  • Accountable Reimbursement Policy
    Rules for employee expense reimbursements are the same for churches and non-profit organizations, but there are not any special rules for churches or non-profits in relation to employee’s business expenses. Having a reimbursement policy will help you “cap” your staff member’s expenses with proper guidance and ease.
  • Accountable Reimbursement Plan Requirements
    Having an accountable reimbursement plan allows your employees with a reimbursement arrangement or method for their reimbursement in any of their legitimate business expenses. It may present as a threat to churches and organizations if done wrongly or a valuable resource if guidelines are followed correctly.
  • Records Retention Schedule
    Aside from selecting a more secured tool to keep all of your documents intact, having the right time frame in keeping them is also essential to your organization. Permanent records should be placed offsite of your church (such as a local bank), while temporary records should be retained for 7 years unless otherwise stated.
  • Healthcare Plans
    To be a good shepherd of His footsteps, pastors and other church leaders have to protect their health and well-being to better protect their church. Pastors must have coverage and church healthcare plan must be a qualified health plan. So choose your insurance and protect your ministry.
  • Housing Allowance for Evangelists
    There will be times when a guest speaker is invited for a church or organizational event, and one way of compensating them is through having a designated housing allowance. According to IRS Rev. Rul. 64-326, a minister may exclude rental allowances paid by several churches, to the extent used to maintain a permanent home – on conditions that your evangelist is a (1) licensed minister of the gospel, (2) administers religious services as a traveling evangelist, and (3) have a permanent place to stay in between his speaking arrangements.

Today’s a new day. Churches in today’s society are more than just a sanctuary and sermons. Several church needs continue to rise, and along with these comes series of complexities. In the 21st century, churches have expanded its spirituality to the many facets in the industry. And all of these facets require qualified personnel to run them – from human resources to business management. Someone has to be a steward of the interest of the church and its leadership to its members. And that someone is AG Church Consulting. So speak with one of our church consultants today by calling us directly at 866-203-2527.

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