Capacity Building

The hardest part of establishing a church capacity building is in setting up the initial church operations.  A lot of churches don’t know where to start and your group ministry may fall in the same category if you just formed your church.

At Advanced Global Church Consulting, we believe that all it takes is the dedication of the pioneering members. The next step is identifying your goals and then evaluating what your capacities are to achieve those goals.

What are the core aspects of Capacity Building?

  • Direction and Leadership

This will involve the direct participation of your church board and collaboratively establishing your mission and vision as a church. The Mission-Vision statement keeps your church grounded and it ensures that all your outreach ministry programs, outreach activities, social assemblies and other church operations point towards the fulfillment of your Mission and Vision. It also sets the identity of your church and is essential at keeping your leaders committed to their respective roles.

  • Strategic Planning

In Capacity Building, Strategic Planning is critical. Advanced Global Church Consulting will work with your church’s leaders in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what your church is capable of will point towards possible church fundraising or faith based grant opportunities that you can take advantage of. On the other hand, weaknesses that are identified such as the lack of workforce or funding to pursue your projects, may point towards what type of precautionary measures or corrective actions you can take to promote the longevity of your church and your projects.

  • Funding

All church will need funding. Where to get adequate funding depends on how well you market your purpose, your vision and the identity of your church to reach potential benefactors. Your church’s financial capacity will also determine whether or not you can realistically continue your projects and for how long you can sustain such projects enough to yield substantial benefits for your intended beneficiaries.

Advanced Global Church Consulting will provide your church with the all-out support especially in acquiring the documentation and filing the applications to make your church official. From there, we assist your leadership team in setting up your goals and then mapping out action plans to fulfill such goals.

Advanced Global Church Consulting will help your church to market its services to potential sponsors and beneficiaries. Marketing is essential to get your message across.

Opportunities to share the gospel are given to us by God. It’s in the Bible, Ephesians 3:7, TLB. “God has given me the wonderful privilege of telling everyone about this plan of His; and He has given me his power and special ability to do it well.”

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